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Goa gets naughty with ‘Playboy’!

For all those who thought tourism in Goa could not get anymore exciting controversial and evolve further into high-class destination of wine, massage, sex and everything permissible; brace yourself for the launch of ‘Playboy Club’ in Goa. Interestingly, in its first foray into India, the international group Playboy selected Goa for its international tourism appeal to launch its distinct product ‘Playboy Club’.

The owners and its partner for the Goa project – former Congress MLA Agnelo Fernandes have stated to the media, that the ‘Playboy Club’ would keep in mind the Indian sensitivities and would not be clad in the traditional Playboy Bunnies attire (which in most cases border on nudity). However, on this issue, even the authorities in Goa such as the Goa Tourism Development Corporation are not certain and are keeping a close watch on the project.

Not known to many, Playboy Clubs, started with the business strategy to take adult entertainment beyond the glossy magazines and couple it with food and beverage. So, scantily clad, iconic bunnies became the star attraction at these clubs which also feature a living room, a playmate bar and a club room. Interestingly, Playboy magazine is banned in the country under the obscenity laws.

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