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Goa gets Rs 4700 crore from Planning Commission

Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar, has succeeded in getting Rs 4700 crore Plan Size approved from the Planning Commission for the year 2012-13. The State was approved an outlay of Rs 3320 crore during the previous year 2011-12. Thus Goa could manage to get 42 per cent over and above the last year’s plan outlay. This is the highest ever increase in Annual Plan size of the State and thereby the present BJP Government under the Parrikar has succeeded in creating history.

Manohar Parrikar along with Deputy Chairman of State Planning Board , Dataprasad Kholkar met Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Dy. Chairman, Planning Commission in New Delhi today for finalization of Annual Plan 2012-13.  At current prices, the present Government is expected to get a total amount of Rs 30, 000 crore during the five years. 

During the discussion in the meeting held in the Planning Commission, the Chief Minister highlighted the present agriculture scenario and economic health of the State. Parrikar mentioned that though the State is of much touristic importance, the agriculture in Goa and the people engaged in the agriculture occupation are at its heart. He explained that his government intend to see the villagers carry out their traditional occupation with substantial profit.

Parrikar, while addressing the Planning Commission touched every sector of the Goan economy and made his Government’s intentions clear to revamp the whole development process so as to make Goa a Model State.  He explained in detail the strategies the government has decided and those which are in the pipeline. He has emphasized his resolve to bring in good governance in the State. 

He explained the poor conditions of people from disadvantaged groups namely: SC, ST, OBC, Disabled, Seafarers, Dhangar community, unemployed youth, Senior Citizens, etc.  He emphasized on all the initiatives that his government has taken during last four months and informed the Planning Commission the issues and concerns before the present State government. 

The Planning Commission was much impressed with the vision of creating a model State and the government’s plans to create an Educational Hub, Infrastructural development such as Roads, Bridges, Electricity, Water for drinking and irrigation purpose, creation of long pending and much desired facilities under the tourism sector, introduction of the concept of smart classes, and distribution of tablet PCs and laptops and various social sector initiatives such as Laadli Laxmi Scheme, strengthening of DSS scheme, inflation allowance and so on. While discussing on the most popular scheme “Laadli Laxmi” the Chief Minister showed his concern about the declining Sex ratio and informed the Planning Commission the advantages of the Scheme.

The Chief Minister was quiet firm in his resolve to convert the under construction District Hospital in South Goa District into Second Medical College cum Hospital in the State for the benefit of People from South Goa.

Parrikar observed that central schemes such as JNNURM have not picked up in the recent. He brought to the notice of the Planning Commission a large amount of contribution to Government of India from Mining, Excise and Income tax and noted that the State is not receiving back the funds proportionally. 

Parrikar also brought to the notice of the Planning Commission his Government’s initiatives for the benefit of Goans regarding VAT on petrol which is the cheapest in India.

He emphasized the need for making 24 X 7 water available and setting up of two sewage treatment plants, one each in north and south Goa. Parrikar was of the view that Goa needs quality Power and stressed the need for the state to minimize the losses and indicated its government’s intentions to carry out underground power cabling starting with the areas under coastal belt.

With regards to the education sector, the Chief Minister informed them the State is trying to take lead and it intends to create an educational hub and Common Facility Centres. 

While talking on the health sector he informed the Planning Commission that adequate manpower and quality still remains a concern in spite of quite a substantial amount of expenditure on health in the State.

The Planning Commission was informed about the government’s focused initiatives for the overall improvement in the agricultural scenario of the State. 

The Chief Minister appeared to have been fully prepared to achieve 6 per cent growth in agriculture as he has vociferously talked about the suffering of the poor agriculturist and others from different vulnerable sections of the society in the backward talukas of Sanguem , Quepem, Canacona and Bicholim and others.

While talking on the issues on development he informed the Dy. Chairman the importance of road connectivity through bridges and impressed upon them that 6 lane highways, better road conditions and connectivity is very much essential for setting up of large number of non- hazardous and eco-friendly  industries in the state for which his government is committed.

Parrikar said that his government will lay greater emphasis on the creation of tourism infrastructure and its diversification to add value to this sector. Hinterland, Sports, Beach, adventure, medical and wellness Tourism and such other entertainment facilities need to be created to attract large tourists to the state, he said. He indicated that the Government’s strategies in the Tourism sector are aimed at change from low end tourism to High spending tourism.  

While commenting the Planning Commission lauded the approach of the State Government and welcomed the idea of setting up of Educational Hub and appreciated the Government’s proposed plans of 24 x 7 water supply and setting up of a mix garbage treatment plant.

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