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Goa government goes on a war footing against Garbage

Taking the issue of garbage seriously in light of the menace it has become in the state, Goa government has set-up a 11-member Committee headed by the Chief Minister to work out a strategy to tackle to the garbage issue across every constituency in the state and also put the planned strategy into action, within a planned time-frame.

The government plans to bring the different members of the societies, the Panchayats, Gram Sabhas and NGOs into a consultation process and communities into a process that would involve education and strict regulations over a period of time to force locals and visitors alike to adhere, ‘Keep Goa Clean and Green’ initiative.

Confirming this new development, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar asserted that every citizen of this state needs to work along with the government to fight the menace of garbage, the government as a facilitator will work towards making the people of state responsible towards the garbage issue by providing with the necessary facilities to collect and dispose of garbage.

Sources in the government have stated that in the months to come littering will be fined and may also become an offense.

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