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Goa government still not handed-over entire Vasco Rape case to CBI: GSRP

During our recent interactions with the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) on the Vasco rape case, Goa Su-Raj Party has shockingly learned that the Goa government through its Crime Branch has handed-over only one-case – an offense against an unknown person under Section 378 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 8 of Goa Children Act for raping a minor girl but the Destruction of Evidence case by the Head-Mistress, Class Teacher & Head-Clerk continues to remain with the Goa Police.

Commenting on the issue, Savio Rodrigues, Secretary & President (Youth Affairs), said, “The motive of the certain quarters of the government right from the onset of the investigations into the rape case of the seven-year old child has been questionable. From the immediate handing over only one-case to Crime Branch to the formation of Special Investigation Team (SIT) which appeared only on paper with no work or result. The Parrikar-led government appeared to be working against the interest of the victim and in favor of protecting those that destroyed the evidence thereby protecting the rapist. It seems that those protecting the rapist want to use the destruction of evidence case as a last minute route to save the alleged rapist by creating complexities in the investigations.”

While the theory put by Goa Police – Crime Branch during their investigations into case that there was only one-unknown person in the school on January 14th. CBI sources have revealed to GSRP that their investigations reveal that there were two individuals in the school around the time of the crime. “One of the individual who was spotted by the staff-teacher, head-mistress and a class teacher is one of unknown persons, the other is someone referred to as ‘Monty’ by this individual who was asked to leave the school when spotted,” expressed Rodrigues.

During the course of the investigations, GSRP has learned that many suspects have been interrogated based on new and accurate sketches on the testimonies victim and other witnesses on the alleged rapist. Also it has been learned that a relative of the head-mistress who is been considered to be one of suspect by the name of ‘Monty’, will also be called down from the Middle-East for questioning and relevant tests.

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