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Goa Governor extends Ganesh Chaturthi greetings to people in the state

Goa Governor Mridula Sinha on Wednesday extended her heartiest greetings and good wishes to the people of Goa on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi to be celebrated across the state on September 13, 2018.

The Governor in her message said Ganesh Chaturthi was a festival celebrated to honour the birth of Lord Ganesha with great enthusiasm and gaiety throughout the state and country.

‘Lord Ganesha, as we all know, is celebrated as the god of all good beginnings and is worshiped at the start of any ritual or ceremony as he is known to ward off evil, remove obstacles and bring prosperity. Lord Ganesha is known as the Lord of arts and sciences and the epitome of wisdom,’ she said.

The Governor said, ‘The practice of worshipping the Ganesha idol during the festival in our homes brings a different level of joy and contentment in our minds. In Goa it is one of the biggest festivals celebrated with true fervor and zeal. As I see the ‘Sarvajanik Ganesh’ idols, worshipped at every nook and corner in our state during this festival, it only shows the unity and harmony of Goa.

‘Such Sarvajanik Utsav (mass celebrations), was first started by freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak. The leader saw the need to unite Indians more and realized nothing can bond people more than a common idol, equally worshipped by all. He popularized Ganesh Chaturthi as a national festival ‘to bridge the gap between the people from different religions, castes, social backgrounds and status’. Thus, the festival served as a meeting place for common people of all castes and communities where everyone participated with great excitement,’ she said.

‘Hence, a festival like Ganesh Chaturthi is an appropriate occasion to promote goodwill, friendship and unity among the people, which will enable us to maintain the harmony and amity in the state,’ the GovernorG

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