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Goa Governor extends greetings on eve of Easter

Panaji: Goa Governor on Saturday extended warm greetings to the people of Goa on the eve of Easter.

In his message the Governor said, “Easter commemorates the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, who gave us the eternal and valuable message of love, forgiveness, compassion and brotherhood. In the present day troubled world, afflicted by intolerance, social tension, violence, and health scares, the noble virtues and values embodied by Jesus Christ can liberate human beings from all kinds of sufferings and give them strength to lead a more meaningful, peaceful and wholesome life.”

The Governor said the entire country was under the lockdown to contain Covid-19 pandemic and appealed everyone to celebrate the festival and offer prayer from their respective homes without disregarding the social distancing measures.

“May the celebrations of Easter this year bring greater peace, happiness, good health and prosperity among the people,” he added

Via UNI-India

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