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Goa Govt New List : 12 Mining Leases Fall in Netravali

Even though the Shah Commission report has clearly indicated the grave violations by both the Centre and State in permitting mining in and around the wildlife sanctuaries of the state, Department of Mines & Geology new list of 38 mining leases along the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary that has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) shows that 12 leases are within the sanctuary and another five share a common boundary with it.

There are also three mining leases within one km and 12 leases within 10 kms of the sanctuary. The Directorate of Mines and Geology has submitted a list of additional 38 mining leases, which have been surveyed for mapping their distance from wildlife sanctuaries to MoEF.

Last month, the Department, had submitted a list of 54 mining leases existing along the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary.

Speaking to a senior official of DMG stated that of the total 38 surveyed leases, 12-fall within the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and are not operational. Another five are adjacent to Wildlife Sanctuary while four more partly fall within the Sanctuary. Apart from these, one mining lease falls beyond 10 kms of the sanctuary.

The Mines Department survey was conducted in view of the expert appraisal committee meeting for clearing environment clearances (ECs), suspended in October 2012 after the Justice M B Shah Commission report was tabled in Parliament.

A survey is been conducted of all 336 mining leases and includes working as well as non-working mines. These mines had applied for second renewal of lease.

The survey has been conducted using Digital GPS. The Survey of only 118 mining leases has been conducted so far. The rest would be done soon after the monsoons. The Mines and Forest Departments had jointly conducted the survey to determine the distance from the periphery of the mining leases boundaries to wildlife sanctuary and national park.

The government has asked for a buffer zone of up to 1 km for Goa, even as the proposed buffer zone for the rest of the country is 10 km.

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