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Goa Is ‘Mine’ To Gang Rape

All India Congress Committee (AICC) President Sonia Gandhi in defense to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) allegations of the Congress party involvement in illegal mining in Goa; especially the demand of the resignation of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and CBI probe, sent its Goa In-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar to investigate the charges. Of course from the time he was picked up at the airport by Churchill Alemao and hosted by the PWD Minister at the Taj Exotica, the intent of Brar and the Congress party was clear; the rape of Goa because of illegal mining was not their concern; evading a political crisis was the main aim.

So at the Taj Exotica, all the Goa Congress ministers descended to show their solidarity for Digambar Kamat – since they did not want a change in leadership; and in particular Pratapsingh Rane, since it would be difficult to do such rampant, unbothered corruption like under Digambar Kamat. So Churchill Alemao and camp decided to squash Vishwajeet Rane ploy and even got its partners in BJP Goa to not press for the resignation of the CM; this was contrary to the demands made by the BJP High Command. Only going to show that at the end whether Congress or BJP; it is the known ministerial rogues like Manohar Parrikar, Digambar Kamat, Ravi Naik, Churchill Alemao and Pratapsingh Rane, who continue to call the shots in any political decisions in Goa.

Illegal mining in Goa has been going on for years; why is Manohar Parrikar making his allegations vocal now. Instead of going after the Minister for Mines Digambar Kamat, why is he targeting Vishwajeet Rane. Parsekar, the BJP Goa President a few days ago openly mentions that asking for the CM to resign is not the solution. If this is not an attempt to take the focus out of Kamat, I wonder what it is.

Mining companies have over the years controlled the entire political outcome of the state of Goa. In fact if you study carefully the move of Kamat to Congress from BJP, you will notice that the move had to happen because at that point of time BJP was not doing too well at the polls; Kamat moving to Congress as the Chief Minister only furthered the mining lobby’s interest in Goa, it was a strategic and planned move.

My question is what the connectivity is between Manohar Parrikar, Digambar Kamat and most of the other mining barons in the state; is it the Gokarn Partagali Jivottam Mutt which is a common platform that connects them? Even if Parrikar might want to take action against Kamat, it would be difficult for him to do so, because of their common allegiance; in much the same way you do not hear of Parrikar directly attacking the Sesa Goa or Timblos.

The fact of the matter is that illegal mining in Goa is no myth, it is very much real. But if the leaders we have appointed are more concerned with short term money goals and not long-term damage to the environment and people; we will have to live with it; or stand-up and fight this menace unitedly.



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