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Goa Mining Corporation Bill an eye-wash with no concrete plan: Opposition Leaders

By Sonakshi Datta

Panaji: The much touted Mining Goa Mining Corporation Bill 2021 by Dr Pramod Sawant is being seen by opposition leaders in the state as an eye wash with no concrete plans to revive the mining sector.

Speaking to GoaChronicle, former Deputy Chief Minister and President, Goa Forward Party (GFP), Vijai Sardesai expressed that the Mining Corporation Bill had been brought belatedly because the Supreme Court had dismissed the review petition which actually came with a clear indication that it would not stand the test of law because it was filed really late. The government made a big issue out of the review petition and filed it which then got dismissed. He added that this meant that Goa’s mines were available for undertaking openly and that the Central Government was also in the process of auctioning the mines. At the same time, a mining corporation is being planned to be formed.

“This is extremely sad and the sign of the undemocratic governance of Pramod Sawant and his cadre. All the pros and cons of this step should be thoroughly discussed in the session”, said Sardesai. He also alleged that the government of Goa was keen on continuing only illegal mining.

According to Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte, the idea of the formation of the mining corporation was a good idea but it suddenly coming out from nowhere, with no background or roadmap was just a ‘game play’ to show that Sawant was doing something for the mining sector. Khaunte claimed that the people dependent on mining were the ones who actually suffered all through the years after mining had stopped in different areas. “This is just an eyewash without a concrete plan on the part of the Chief Minister to garner votes”, added the independent MLA.

Leader of the Opposition and former Chief Minister of Goa, Digambar Kamat, opined, “We need to see what all happens in the Assembly Session regarding the Mining Corporation Bill.”

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