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Goa MLA takes a leak in public!

While it is not uncommon a sight in certain parts of India and even in Goa to see a man urinate in public, but it certainly not a common sight to see an elected Member of the Goa Legislative Assembly (MLA) get out of his government-sponsored vehicle and answers to the call of nature in public.


Cuncolim BJP MLA Rajan Naik, who rode into the Goa Assembly defeating Congress Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao, stopped his official vehicle near the Lusofonia Games stadium in Bambolim, got out it and decide to take a leak in public.

In the image you can see Rajan Naik emerge from his Chairman of South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) vehicle and relieve himself near a tree. At a distance another unknown man is also seeing doing the same task.

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