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Goa opposition slams government and police department over the rape of two minors

By Sonakshi Datta

Panaji: Opposition leaders have slammed the BJP-led government for the failure of law and order in the state of Goa after grisly reports of the rape of two minors at the beachside of Benaulim in South Goa has come to light. 

Speaking with GoaChronicle, Digambar Kamat, the former Chief Minister of Goa and current  Leader of Opposition said that this was indeed a grave matter and a startling one. And although he didn’t blame the police department directly about the increasing cases of crime in the state, he added that the police had to take the necessary precautions.

“There should be a fear among those who plan to commit such serious crimes”, said Kamat.

Vijai Sardesai, former Deputy Chief Minister of Goa and currently a member of the Goa Legislative Assembly said that the increasing crimes and rampant lawlessness in the state were something which the highly politicized and corrupt police department was unable to handle. “The increasing crime rate in Goa is in synchronization with the complete collapse of law and order and the dysfunctional home ministry led by the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant”, he added. Sardesai said one of the accused in the gang-rape case was the driver of the OSD (Officer on Special Duty) of a senior minister. According to the former Deputy CM of the state, this did not only show the breakdown of law and order but also law being taken into one’s hands because everyone was connected to each other.

“These things are unheard of in Goa, there are daylight murders, firings, weapons are being sourced from outside. There is an escalation of gun culture and all this is connected to narcotics and illegal mining trade”, added Sardesai.

Rohan Khaunte, Member of the Goa Legislative Assembly from the Porvorim constituency said that everyone had to understand that the administration in the state had totally collapsed and the insecurity felt by the common people is at its highest. He mentioned that the government machinery and the police department had become incompetent to serve security to the people of Goa. Khaunte opinionated that these issues were rising because while earlier, there used to patrolling at nights and other such measures taken; the current dispensation was busy spending time looking after the arrangements made to welcome people from New Delhi and the security was now being used for them rather than for the people of Goa.

“I totally condemn the act. The quick police action is appreciated but at the same time, this does not mean that the robbery is done before the thieves are nabbed. When we know that such incidents are on the rise and migrant population is increasing, required steps need to be taken by the government of Goa”, added Khaunte.



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