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Goa Police and Human Touch Foundation launches drug abuse prevention campaign

In a view to eradicate the use the drugs among children, a campaign was launched by Goa Police in collaboration with Human Touch Foundation to educate school children on the effects of drugs at Merces.

Speaking at the launch function and an awareness campaign at our Lady of Merces High School, Smt. Chandan Choudhary, Superintendent of Police, North Goa said, “the children are impressionable minds and we need to ensure we reach out to them before they take to anything wrong. We will reach out to children and young people who have fallen to bad times and the campaign will now spread systematically and strategically to all the schools”.

Dr. Rajesh Patil, renowned surgeon and national awardee on work on substance abuse said that“Young people’s path to harmful substance use is complex and requires critical action. The path from initiation to harmful use of substances among children is influenced by factors that are often out of their control. Factors at the personal level (including behavioural and mental health and social influences), the micro level (parental and family functioning, schools and peer influences) and the macro level (socioeconomic and physical environment) can render adolescents vulnerable to substance use”

Explaining the campaign, Peter F. Borges, Chief Executive Officer, said that the programme will be based on an ‘interactive’ life skills educational and social approach, designed to promote positive health behaviour, essentially entailing the involvement of school students in tackling drug-related problems and their prevention through discussions, and not merely by tutoring. Such an approach aims to minimize negative peer pressures, promote comprehensive social influence, and establish structured school drug prevention curriculum.

The campaign will entail different activities such as short movie screenings, quizzes and interactive sessions for students. As of now, this campaign will be held in educational institutions with more focus on government schools in the state and would target on vulnerable areas. Furthermore, various other sessions like helping adolescent in coping with peer pressure are also planned.

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