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Goa Police Arrest Female Procurer

Goa Police on Wednesday morning succeeded in arresting Shaheen, the woman who procured the girl that was abused by Mapusa police while in custody.

Shaheen who also goes under the names of Shalu and Shabnam will now be brought to Goa for interrogation.

It was Shaheen who lured the victim in Mumbai by offering her a job in a casino in Goa and once she was brought to Goa, she was placed in the custody of Saroj and her husband Sonu who forced her into prostitution.

The girl after escaping from Saroj and Sonu was picked up by the Mapusa police at the Mapusa bus stand and was kept in police custody for 42 without being produced before a magistrate and was shuttled between Mapusa and Pernem police station.

Bailancho Ekvott President Auda Viegas has praised the police for arresting Shaheen and specially thanked Director General of Police Aditya Arya. “This is the first time that police have acted so swiftly in a case of crime against women and given the DGP’s reaction to this particular case, I am extremely hopeful that he will crack down on human traffickers thereby eliminating the flesh trade in Goa,” she said.

She said the quick action by the police was entirely the result of DGP’s personal interest in the case and his directions to the junior officers.

Viegas also demanded that the police check how many other girls Shaheen had procured for pimps not only in Goa but also other parts of the country.

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