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Goa Police to launch ‘Community Policing’ Initiative

In an effort to build confidence of the people of Goa in the Goa Police and also involve citizens in keeping the state safe, secure and free from criminal elements, Goa Police Department is set launch a new initiative on Community Policing called ‘Saad Samvad’.

Speaking exclusively to, Krishna Kumar, Director General of Police, Goa Police Department stated, “The involvement of community at large in policing is a concept which has been recognized all over the world. Even in India this concept has been successfully in different parts of the country. The police force is sometimes perceived as an oppressive tool. There is a need to change this perception and to take initiatives for involving the public at large in its own policing.”

The core objectives of the community policing initiative are to bridge the communication gap between police and public; to break anonymity of law breakers, to make law abiding citizens as stakeholders in community policing, to improve police image and to make police accountable and transparent.

We will have the District Police Chiefs organising meeting with villagers especially in the coastal areas where the staff of concerned police station would be introduced to the public. Districts SPs would senstise the members of the public against certain menaces like drug trafficking, human trafficking and other illegal activities affecting the social fabric and law & order, expressed Kumar.

“We would make an appeal to the public to assist the police in curbing these menaces and be a partner in the prevention and detection of crime,” states Kumar.

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