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Goa police turn the heat on massage parlors

Following the recent raids on massage parlors in the state, wherein as alleged a prostitution racket involving Thai women disguised as massage parlors workers was exposed, the Goa police has decided to turn the heat up on massage parlors.

Senior police officers have informed that the police department has been instructed to visit every massage parlor in the state to sort out details of its owners and employees; also to identify if foreign nationals are working in these parlors without valid work permits and whether any prostitution is happening at the massage parlors in Goa.

In an evening sting operation two days ago the Panjim Police raided two massage parlors in the capital city and rescued seven Thai women allegedly involved in prostitution and owner the Elton Furtado of the massage parlors was taken into custody. The Thai women working at the Margao massage parlor belonging to the same owner were also detained the next day.

Sources in the know have told that Furtado’s connection to a political relative in the current government is expected to come into play shortly, though, the police are convinced they have a strong case in light of the evidence found.


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