Goa resident asks US Embassy to investigate US trip Visa Documentation

In further development on the ‘Tourism Dept spent Rs 1.35 crore on drinks, pole dancers and disneyland’ expose and its subsequent report ‘Tourism Expose:Lies exposed on air travel plans’; it has been brought to our notice from our highly placed sources in the US Embassy in Delhi; that the Ambassador’s office received a fax copy of a complaint today filed by a resident of Goa asking for the US Embassy officials to investigate the use of fraudulent documents to procure US Visas by delegates who represented the Goa government but were not officially authorised to travel on behalf of the government.

While refusing to divulge the name of the person who had sent the letter because all complainants identity are kept confidential ; the source on strong condition of anonymity did reveal  that the letter stated that it wished to bring to the attention of the US Ambassador that on February 10, 2011 three individuals all residents of Goa had applied for visas to travel to USA at the Mumbai consulate. The names mentioned in the letter were Vijai Jaivant Sardessai , holder of Indian Passport No H6843534; Rajesh Atmaram Kale, holder of Indian Passport No F6056661 and Akbar Mulla, holder of Indian Passport No H6841177.
The letter, as the source dictated over a telephonic conversation, further stated that the above mentioned person possed as delegates of the Official Delegation nominated by the Government of Goa, for conducting roadshows in USA from February 21 to March 2, 2011.
The letter also states the above mentioned persons had produced a fake letter, forging the signature of the Director of Tourism, Government of Goa, showing them as official delegates while the Government of Goa had approved the travel of only three Nilkanth Halankar, Minister for Tourism; Sanjay Srivastva, chief secretary and Swapnil Naik, director, Department of Tourism and have falsely representated themselves at the Consul at Mumbai and obtained a 10 year multiple entry tourist visa.
On whether there is any action or comment from the Ambassador’s office where this letter is concerned, the source revealed that it was too early to say and is not sure whether the Ambassador has seen the fax copy of the letter or even deputed any one to investigate the complaint. But normally all complaints are taken seriously and someone does look into the matter since presenting fraudaulent documents is a serious matter not only for the people who have commited the offence but also for the security measures adoptedby US Embassy and US Consulate, which are very strict; so to present false documents is not that easy;  there is a very strong possibility that the above mentioned people could not have produced fake documents.
While the above letter opens a door to new questioning  on what could have transpired at the US Consulate in Mumbai; what GoaChronicle.com has revealed in its story ‘Tourism Expose: Lies exposed on air travel plans’ is that on February 10, 2011 Vijai Sardesai, Akbar Mulla, Rajesh Kale, Swapnil Naik, Nilkanth Halankar and Sanjay Srivastava all happened to be at the US Embassy at the same time and one after another. The question is whether there is a possibility that in order to get through the tough visa approval process, could the non-officials on the US trip avail of the benefit of being a part of the delegation and/or were there fake government approvals presented or real government approvals presented. Because we are certain, on account of the information from our sources, that when Vijai Sardesai and the other non-officials were asked whether they were apart of the delegation they answered in the affirmative and if they did, they would as per US Visa application processes show that they were a part of the delegation with appropriate documentation and letters.
Coincidently, even their tickets to travel were bookedd by the same travel agent Akbar Travels in Panjim, leading to strong questions and very evident connection to the complete plan of this US trip on government expense.
While we did try to procure the letter, we have not been successful in getting a copy of the letter or the name of the person who filed the complaint.
Continue to read more on this expose  as we will be releasing more details on this US trip, which is turning out to be a shocking and blatant misuse of government office, funds and now a cover-up as well.

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