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Goa RP 2021 clears 2G Accused Chandra’s Rs 200 crore housing project

In a shocking revelation by the Pilerne Citizens Forum (PCF) it appears that the Government of Goa through its Regional Plan 2021 which was headed by the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has cleared the controversial Rs 200 crore real estate project of the 2G Scam accused Satish Chandra in Pilerne.

Paul Fernandes, convenor of the Pilerne Citizens Forum (PCF), alleges that the committee appointed to vet Goa’s futuristic land use plan, Regional Plan 2021, cleared it in a dubious fashion.

“The government had appointed village level committees to prepare a draft regional plan. The village level committee had not included this project in the plan. But this project which is being promoted by Satish Chandra, a 2G accused, was slipped in by the Kamat headed-SLC,” Fernandes said.

Paul also said that nearly 20 lakh sq m of green land in Pilerne, a picturesque riverside village 10 km from here, had been converted to a settlement zone by the government.

“A plot of nearly 17 lakh sq m is missing from the village plan. Officials of the town and country planning department are claiming they do not know what happened and why the land is not reflected on the plan,” Fernandes said.

Goa’s civic society activists are protesting rampant concretization of the state. Kamat’s Congress-led coalition government has been the subject of many controversies, especially relating to mega land intensive projects.

Goa’s civil society, especially the Church, over the last few years has actively resisted the concretization of the state, especially in coastal areas.


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