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Goa Sand Art Festival To Focus On Wild Life Conservation

The 3-day Goa Sand Art Festival conceptualized and organized by Jerry Jose, will begin on 17th December at Candolim Beach. The objective of this festival is to create awareness about a particular issue, provide a platform for the students and upcoming artists to showcase their talent and also encourage this form of art. This year’s theme will be wild life conservation.
Three days prior to the festival, around 10 participants including students and upcoming artists from Mumbai Pune and Goa will start working on their creations. The theme park will be open to public for free from 17th to 19th December.

Director Jerry Jose expressed his gratitude for the immense support provided by Goa Tourism. “With Goa Sand Art Festival, we hope to offer the people in Goa and the tourists a whole new experience to look forward to”, he said.
The wildlife helps in maintaining the ecosystem, which consequently ensures survival of life. This year the festival will create awareness about ‘wild life conservation’ and show the people that our wild life species are getting endangered. The theme park with different endangered species will be sculpted out of sand and each of them will have details educating the people about them. The message will be conveyed through different life size replicas of various endangered species made out of sand which has a very short life span just as these sand sculptures.


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