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Goa Shining: Guv

Address Sham: Parrikar


Goa Governor Dr. S S Sidhu painted a very rosy picture of the State while addressing the Goa Legislative Assembly on Monday on the first day of the session and focused on the economic scenario, which incidentally was slammed by Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar as highlighting selected areas.
In his nearly 55 minute long address, the Governor said the state has achieved a Gross State Domestic Product of 13.03 per cent as against 9.46 per cent in the preceding year. He further said the primary sector has increased by six per cent while the secondary and tertiary sector has posted a growth of seven and 20 per cent respectively.
However, Manohar Parrikar attributed these figure to the high growth in ore exports and asserted that it was far from the real picture of Goa’s economy.

He also came down heavily on the Governor’s address for its failure to mention the drug scenario in Goa which has been hogging the headlines even in national media and added that selective figures were quoted at times clubbing more than two types of crimes together to give an illusion that the crime rate in Goa was low.
The Governor in his address said that heinous crimes like murder, attempt to commit murder, dacoity, robbery and rape had come down significantly. As against the 160 such cases registered last year, only 139 cases were registered this year.
The Governor also said that all was well with the tourism sector as Goa remains amongst the top ten destinations for world travelers. However, Manohar pointed out that according to a report published in a Wall Street journal, Goa does not rank amongst the top ten destinations and further pointed out that even Bihar attracts more international tourists than Goa.
The Governor noted that in a bid to reduce the number of pending cases, the government is now considering setting up three evening courts one each at Margao, Quepem and Sanguem.
He also pointed out that as many as 50 services of the government have been put on line thereby making access easier to the people.
However, summing up the address, Manohar Parrikar said it was directionless and boring and in fact confessed that had to struggle to remain awake in his seat during the address.
He also clarified that he does not hold the Governor responsible for such a badly drafted address as it is not prepared by him but by the government which he merely reads.

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