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Goa shocked over the murder of Swapnil Walke

By Ila Dhond

Margao: The shock over the brutal daylight murder of South Goa-based jeweller Swapnil Walke refuses to die down in the state even though the Crime Branch has arrested two of the culprits’ Omkar Patil and Edson Gonzalves. The third culprit Mustafa Sheikh continues to abscond.

Reportedly goldsmiths in Goa have decided to call it a ‘black day’ and have shut down their jewellery stores for the day.

Kianna Rodrigues, a student of the Vidya Vikas Academy, who studies with the child of the Swapnil Walke expressed extreme sadness that a classmate has to lose his father in such a brutal manner. “I hope the Goa Police apprehends the criminals and sends a strong message to such criminals who have no value for a life. Swapnil Walke was a father. I cannot imagine the trauma my classmate would be going through over the death of his father.”

Shefali Vaidya, a Goan popular on social media tweeted, “The murder of the young jeweller Swapnil Walke in Goa has shaken me. He was only 42, fought against 3 assailants, tried to hold on to them even as he was bleeding. No one came to his help. It is not just Swapnil Walks’s death I lament, I lament the death of a way of life.”

A college student from Margao, Jose Fernandes (name changed) told that as a student he was shocked to hear about the gruesome murder and was afraid about such incidents happening in the state in broad daylight. He felt that rising crime in Goa is because of the failure to enforce the law in the state.

Another student Shivani Raikar (name changed) opined that the reasons crimes have been increasing are because of poor policing and no strict laws. The solution according to her is strict laws and quick enforcement.

A housewife from Gogol expressed shocked and fear over the growing crimes and its violent nature in Goa. She mourned about the changing face of Goa, which she saw as a once peaceful society in which such brutal daylight murders were unheard of. She opined, “The murderers should not be spared. They must be severely punished for what they did to the jeweller.”

A jeweller from the goldsmith community who knew Swapnil Walke personally expressed sorrow and deep anguish over the murder. He opined that rise in crimes in Goa is due to migrants from other states getting documents of being a resident in Goa. Locals respect the laws of the state and have respect for the police authorities but the migrant population coming from other states disregard the strict laws of the state and behave like uncultured murderous people which is not Goan culture. “The culture of Goa is getting wiped out due to the influx of the migrants, some of the nefarious kind. This is a prime cause of the rise in crimes in the state. Such nefarious people influence even local Goan youth the opt for an easy life of crime.”


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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