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Goa Su-Raj Party to infuse new young blood

Goa Su-Raj Party (GSRP) is gearing-up  itself to its commitment to give Goa Good Governance under new dynamic leaderships with the guidance of the veterans of one of Goa’s only untainted regional party.

Speaking on the new developments, Floriano Lobo, general secretary &  spokesperson, GSRP,  revealed, “The people of Goa have lost faith in the  national parties – Congress & BJP, and they are lookig  up to regional  parties as beacons of hope to retain Goa’s culture and identity. GSRP has been endeavoring for the last few years to take the message of ‘Unique Goa’ to GO coupled with the the importance of Special Status for Goa under Article 371 of the Indian Constitution. Now, with the new young team of true Goans with a vision, we believe GSRP is the only truly alternative secular regional party for Goans.” He also said: ” We have been approached by concerned Goans, some of whom are Congress leaders, but we shall reveal all latest developments at a proper time, soon”  

Commenting on the public euphoria over Aam Aadmi Party and its Goa Unit with Remo Fernandes & Dr Oscar Rebello joining it, Lobo, said, “The first civil society agitation against a corrupt government was in Goa. It is commendable what AAP has done in Delhi.  Having met Arvind Kejriwal personally,  I believe that there is good intent with him to bring about a change.

On the AAP’s Goa Unit, it surprising that someone like Dinesh Vaghela is heading it, considering that when we were Goencho Rakhandarancho Awaaz (GRA),  it was doing well until RSS elements like Dinesh Vaghela and Jayesh Thali were invited into it’s fold to spearhead the genuine people’s movement. A divide came about when this infiltration was objected to and that was the end of GRA. Vaghela is a non-Goan and AAP-Goa  needs to be careful to build-up it’s superstructure on the on RSS foundation lest it comes crashing down.

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