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Goa, The Country’s Most Competitive State: Study

According to a study undertaken by the Institute for Competitiveness, Goa ranks right on the top amongst the States in India for competitiveness. The institute used more than 400 indicators to compare the states of the country.
Goa with a per capita income of Rs. 70,329 emerged as the richest State in the country. Tourism reportedly contributed majorly to this achievement given the fact that 12 per cent of the foreign visitors to India, come to Goa.

Besides, the Institute also noted that mining is the second most important activity in the State and that Mormugao Port in Goa is the premier port for handling iron ore in the country.
The institute also noted that agriculture is shrinking in the State and is taken up as a part time activity while the fishing industry is emerging as another major employer in Goa.
The Union Territory of Delhi with a per capita income of Rs. 70, 024 was ranked second followed by Maharashtra with a per capita income of Rs. 43,475. The least competitive state in India has been identified to be Manipur.

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