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Goa to play host yet again to the Hindu Nation convention

Goa is set to play host state to the Second All India Hindu Nation Convention which is expected to see two hundred and fifty dignitaries from 22 states in India and foreign countries such as Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

According to the press note released by the organisers, it states, “In Bharat, Hindus are accorded step-motherly treatment under the pretext of secularism and injustice is meted out to them, whereas, Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka are also being persecuted in various ways. In order to unite against such atrocities on Hindus and decide on the ‘common action programme and  for the ’establishment of the Hindu Nation’.

The note further reads that the plus point of the Convention being held this year is the participation of devout Hindu delegates from countries such as, Nepal, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. The delegates mainly include Dharmacharyas (High priests), office bearers of devout Hindu organisations, lawyers, editors of periodicals, writers, and intellectuals.

The convention will be held from 6th June to 10th June 2013 in Shri Ramanath temple at Ponda, Goa and is jointly sponsored by ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’ and ‘Pedne Navnirman samiti’.

The press note further states that the rationale behind the establishment of the Hindu Nation had become clear to all in the first Hindu Convention. In the current convention, greater emphasis will be laid on deciding actual action plan along with taking review of activities undertaken during last year. With this viewpoint, this Convention will deliberate upon many topics such as, ‘Protection of cow’, Land Jihad’, ‘Riots and protection of Hindus’, ‘Western perversity and countering it’, ‘Plight of ancient temples and their preservation’, ‘Code of conduct for devout Hindus’, ‘Policy of devout Hindus during future elections’ etc. In short, the Nation, which was once a thoughtfully rich and cultured country under the influence of Hindu culture is now standing on the doorstep of an anarchy due to materialistic and consumerist culture from western countries. Therefore, this Convention will witness systematic interaction at the level of thoughts on making a comprehensive resolution of protecting Hindu culture and welfare of the world.

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