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Goa to provide relief to retailers affected by liquor ban

Goa government is to provide relief to 1332 liquor outlets closed on account of the Supreme Court’s ban on sale of liquor along highways. The committee comprising of BJP minister Francis D’Souza, Goa Forward Party minister Vijai Sardesai and Independent minister Rohan Khaunte will study, categorise the liquor vendors and facilitate a way to provide them relief.

Speaking to media Vijai Sardesai said, “There are 1,332 people who are affected by the highway liquor ban. We are going to meet next Wednesday and sort it out by category, like the ones which are closest to city, sufficient developed areas, etc. We will bank on the census to decide these categories. We are meeting next week and ensure that most of the people get justice. The committee shares the concern of the bar owners. “We believe that they are Goans and they have been in this activity for long and it is their bread and butter. We are sympathetic towards them

Sardesai further added that the initial SC order on December 15, 2016 had affected more than 3,000 outlets which were brought down to 1,332 through various measures taken within the legal parameters. “SC has modified the order allowing municipal areas and four categories where they can get relief. We have criteria where we can categorise,” he added.

D’Souza elaborated that the committee will act as per the SC guidelines. “We will not violate SC guidelines but will fit their cases within the guidelines,” he said.

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