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Goa to Singapore: First Cong Reddy, Now BJP D’Souza


Not too long ago on the onset of the elections, the All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Sudhakar Reddy emphasized on the need to make Goa the Singapore of India with better infrastructure and tourism projects.

Yesterday, BJP minister Francis D’Souza of the new BJP-MGP government in his interview to a local daily newspaper also mentions that he too would endeavor to make Goa another Singapore with better infrastructure.

“Goa, being a world famous destination, deserved world class infrastructure and state leaders should ensure that it was put in place. He said that authorities from Singapore Development Authority would be called in to prepare plans for upgrading the infrastructure in the state. Also stating that Goa was one of the topmost states in the country, which should now have super infrastructure which could come at a higher cost so as to consolidate state’s position in the world,” expressed D’Souza in the interview. In fact he goes on to state that it is the BJP president Nitin Gadkari who wants Goa to have the best infrastructure like Singapore.

However, the question doing the rounds with activists is whether this Singapore tag which initially Congress was using and now the new BJP-MGP government is using will retain the original charm of Goa or make it a concrete jungle like Singapore. And this has been an issue that the activists have been fighting for many years.


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