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Goa Tourism Minister terms non-Goans as ‘Ghatis’

Panjim: In shocking display of insensitivity and utmost stupidity, Goa’s Tourism Minister Manohar Azgaonkar in a press conference referred to non-Goans in Goa as ‘Ghatis’ a derogatory word often used to deride a person.

Speaking to media, normally known to put his foot in the mouth, Azgaonkar stated, “Goans will be given first preference in an upcoming beach cleaning contract and ‘ghatis’ (outsiders) would be not be preferred for this.

He further went on to justify his statement, when question by reporters, saying ‘Ghatis is not a bad word. It refers to people from the Ghats. We will give preference to Goans first with regards to the tenders and not Ghatis.

The word “ghati” is normally used in Marathi and Konkani languages to address migrant daily wage workers.


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