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Goa Tribals to take to the streets

The United Tribals Association’s Alliance (UTAA) has threatened to take their agitation on to the streets if their demands are not met immediately. Fed up with the state government’s nonchalance, the UTAA recently gave them a two-month ultimatum to fulfill 12 of their demands, after which they will intensify their protest.
Speaking to, the associate convener of UTAA Govind Gaude, said they have lost trust in the government.
“We have approached almost every authority to get our demands heard. We have given a due respect to them, however, nobody has done much for us,” he said.

The organization, which is made up of Kunbis, Gavdas and Velips, has demands including setting up an independent tribal department and tribal ministry, 12 per cent budgetary provisions for the betterment of tribals, 12 per cent reservation in Goa’s assembly and implementation of the Tribal Forest Act, etc., which are awaiting government implementation.
Recently, the organization gave the government a two-month ultimatum at a public meeting held at Kranti Maidan, Ponda. Gaude said that the state government has double standards when it comes to their community.
“We will go to all extents to get our demands heard. Like the Gujjars in Rajasthan, we will come on to the streets,” he said. The Ponda UTAA chief Vishwas Gaude said it would create awareness about these demands among the tribal community by organizing public meetings.


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