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Goa votes counting to begin tomorrow after 8 am

1,600 plus  electronic voting machines will on Tuesday reveal which party rules the 10.26 lakh Goans who voted in record numbers for a new government.

According to poll officials, the new ruling political dispensation in Goa will be decided within two hours of counting at the two counting centres on Tuesday (March 6). It is yet to be decided whether counting of the votes cast Saturday will begin at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m.

“The district returning officer at the counting centre in Panaji will monitor the results for 23 seats in north Goa. The South Goa district returning officer will monitor the other 17 seats in Margao,” joint chief electoral officer N.S. Navti said.

Both the ruling and the opposition, as well as the several independent candidates and regional parties who have contested the elections, have tried to interpret the record 82.8 percent mandate as a good omen for them.

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