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Goa Will be Doomed if Mhadei Water Diverted: Expert

Going by the master plan prepared for Goa, the present water available in Mhadei basin that supplies water to the State will not be sufficient to meet the State’s need in 2051 and if the water is diverted, it will spell doom for Goa, opined  Rajendra Kerkar a renowned environmentalist.
He pointed out that as per the materplan, Goa will require 2674 mc water in 2051 while the actual water resources in Mhadei are just 1531 mc.
He accused Karnataka of manipulating the records to give the impression that excess water from Mhadei is going to the Arabian sea and getting wasted, when in reality the river is water deficit.

He also argued that the entire Mhadei basin including the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary will be in shambles if even a portion of the water is diverted by Karnataka and added that the Water Dispute Tribunal may not understand this aspect but will only go by facts and figures, even if they are manipulated, to decide about sharing patterns.
While asserting that Goa has a major reason to oppose the diversion, Kerkar however regretted that the State Government is not taking up this issue with the seriousness it deserves.
He said that even if 2 tmc of water is diverted, it would adversely affect Goa and pointed out that Karnataka proposes to divert 7.56 tmc of water through the Kalsa Bandura dams.

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