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Goa witnssed a second deceased Donor Transpant at GMC

Panjim: Goa witnessed the second deceased Donor Transplant at Goa Medical College (GMC) on March 29, 2021.
A 62-year-old woman admitted for sub arachnoid hemorrhage was delcared brain dead and after a clinical diagnosis of brain death, daughters of the patient stepped forward with a request for organ donation.

Addressing a press conference at the GMC on Wednesday, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane said, “We as a state are grateful to the family and daughters of the deceased donor for donating organs which resulted in saving lives of three people. Under SOTTO (State Organ Tissue Transplant Organisation) Goa, we will soon try to start liver transplant facility in the state and in super speciality block we will dedicate one entire floor for Kidney and Liver Transplant so that retrieved organs could be utilised in the state.”

As per the waiting list of NAVE JIVIT – Deceased Donor Organ Transplant Programme, SOTTO Goa allocated two kidneys to the patients on the waiting list for the Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant programme of Goa.
The Liver and Kidneys were successfully retrieved of the Brain-Dead Donor. As Goa only has kidney transplant facility in the state and the aim of the programme is to maximize the organ utilization and minimize the organ wastage.

As organ being national resource, the other organs were offered to the region and allocation was done by ROTTO SOTTO Maharashtra of the liver IKDRC Hospital, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, as per the waiting list. The Liver Team was led by Dr Vikas, liver transplant surgeon.

Dean, Medical Superintendent, GMC and Nodal Officer SOTTO Goa, Professor Dr S M Bandekar said, “There is misconception among the people that in GMC organs are retrieved in the morgue from already dead patient which is totally wrong.”

“We also look forward to more organ donations so that more patients could be benefitted,” he said.
Transplant Surgeon, HOD Urology, GMC, Dr Madhumohan Prabhudessai, said, ”Both the kidneys were transplanted successfully, and the patients are being stabilized and are recovering.”

Head of Department of Nephrology Dr J P Tiwari said, “Kidney Transplant is the only best option available for End Stage Renal Failure patients. In GMC post-transplant patients are monitored regularly and the treatment and medications are provided free of cost.”

The brain death certification was done by Dr Teresa Ferreira and Dr Viraj Khandeparkar. The Apnea test mandated by Law requires two positive apnea test performed six hours apart to declare a patient brain death. Intensivists play a critical role in maintaining the donor.

Dr Teresa Ferreira, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, GMC, said, “Brain Death is an irreversible cessation of all the neurological functions, which happens secondary to the Catastrophic brain injury. The most common scenarios being severe traumatic injury Cerebro Vascular Accidents, or Severe Sub Arachnoid hemorrhage or due to any other reasons. We need to understand that brain death is equivalent to death of an individual. Although the heart and lungs and other body organs remain viable for some time after brain death (due to life supports like ventilator and blood pressure raising medication), eventually the patient will succumb to this injury.”

The brain-dead donor was declared by the Brain Death Certification Committee. The Brain Stem Death Certification Committee comprises of the doctors from Goa Medical College and Directorate of Health Services and is approved by the Appropriate Authority of the state of Goa.

While speaking on Brain dead donor maintenance HOD of Anaesthesia, Dr Shirley D’souza Said, “Maintaining the body Homeostasis i.e. Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output and Oxygenation is very important. The heart and lungs functioning has to be maintained in order to preserve the organs. This has to be maintained throughout even during the retrieval of the organs.”

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