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GoaChronicle Editor-in-Chief Savio Rodrigues condemns the assault and arrest of Arnab Goswami

Madgaon: GoaChronicle Editor-in-Chief, Savio Rodrigues in a video expressed absolute shock and disbelief over the arrest of Arnab Goswami on Wednesday early morning.

He said, “It’s extremely disturbing and shocking to wake up in the morning and see a nationalist journalist like Arnab Goswami to be arrested as though he is a terrorist, as though he is a murderer.

He further added, “You might have cases against him; an old case that you have reopened but the way the Mumbai Police is treating him is unbecoming for a journalist that he stands for. Republic TV has been cooperating from the beginning. But such kind of behaviour of Mumbai Police is disturbing for all the journalists including me.”

He stated, “It is unfair for an honest journalist to be treated like a murderer and a terrorist. People of the country will see what happens when you actually seek the truth. Maharashtra Government will try to throw every dirt possible and will try to bring him down or pin him by the law. Arnab is not a terrorist, he is not a murderer.”

He concluded by saying, “Arnab has been co-operating since day one with the investigations. It is unacceptable for Mumbai Police to drag him and physically assault him. This is what fascism is.”

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