Current Affairs Gets Mention At The State Assembly


MLA and Former Finance Minister Dayanand Narvekar on Thursday mentioned about’s expose ‘Goans Now ‘LAB’ Rats!’ during the ongoing winter session of the State Assembly.
Reacting to Governor’s address, Narvekar spoke about Goa’s present scenario on clinical trials. He also mentioned about Novo Nordisk, a company which is being questioned for its clinical trials practices. This company has got permission from the Directorate of Health Services and has been conducting three-year diabetic survey in Goa to determine to growing rise of diabetes in the state. 

He also stated that multi-center Phase III clinical trials of the diabetes drug Ragaglitazar by the multi-national corporation Novo Nordisk were suspended when animal studies reported urinary bladder tumors in rats. The results of these studies should have been available before the human trials started. The drug was developed by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad, and licensed to Novo Nordisk which conducted the trials. 130 people in eight centers from India were part of the trial, of which half would have received the experimental drug. Novo Nordisk refused to give further details on the centers that conducted the trials in 2002.
He quoted excerpts from the expose which mentioned that Goa is being considered as one of the preferred destination for these exercises.


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