GoaChronicle.com LEAKS: Minutes of Meeting – Government Estimates Committee

GoaChronicle.com in its continuation in exposing the illegal mining scam in Goa in this expose highlights the 5th May 2010 Minutes of the Meeting in which Secretary of Mines Raajiv Yaduvanshi and Director of Mines Arvind D Loliyekar  admit to mining companies and Centre dictating terms to the Government of Goa with regards to the mining business…

Nothing can be more shocking than the Director of Mines, Directorate of Mines & Geology making this statement to the Government Estimates Committee on a being asked “Who makes the Challans and what basis are the issued”.
To which Arvind Loliyekar replied, “The challans are prepared by the Mining companies themselves. Sir, royalty rates are finalized by Indian Bureau of Mines on a month-wise basis.  Now it is on honorarium basis, first it was on unit basis and that is how the royalty has gone up, the present rate is 110 per ton.”
For that matter when asked, “What is the actual production of Iron Ore?” Director of Mines replied, “Sir, actual production they indicate that in their returns when they file with department. There was never a system. Whatever they were declaring in the IT returns we were accepting it. Now with the boom in the mining industry, we have proposed a system of going to mines and actually checking their production.”
In fact the comments of the Secretary of Mines Raajiv Yaduvanshi are also shocking.
Instead of delving further into the details, we decided to upload the entire details on the this Minutes of Meeting to showcase the extent of illegal mining concern in Goa and how the government officials are clueless or puppets in the hands of mining companies and politicians both at Centre and State-level. It is also clearly indicates that both government officials cannot continue in their respected roles and knowingly they have admitted to not having control over the mining department and curbing the illegal mining menace.

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