GoaChronicle.com ‘LEAKS’: The PAC Report Part 1

While the Congress-led government through the Speaker Pratapsingh Rane has not tabled the report in the recently concluded Goa Legislative Assembly; GoaChronicle.com has managed to get its hand on Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report which highlights the extent of illegal mining in Goa. The details are shocking and disturbing…

The PAC report was not tabled in the Goa assembly because four out of seven members of the PAC refused to sign the report claiming that they did not have time to review the report. More importantly, the Speaker Pratapsingh Rane also felt that the report was just a draft and not an official report. Manohar Parrikar, the former Chairman of the PAC has now been substituted with another BJP MLA Vijay Pai Khot from the Canacona constituency as the Chairman.

Congress-led government has discarded the report saying that it has been the work of the Opposition Leader to score over the government on the illegal mining scam which has not yet been proved. In fact the All India Congress Committee Goa In-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar has made direct allegations against Parrikar saying that he has leaked out the information to the press in order to show the Congress-led government in bad light and will only take action when Justice MB Shah report is made public.

However, GoaChronicle.com through its highly confidential sources in the government has got a hold on the PAC report. We have not done an analysis on the report yet, but are uploading the complete version in the interest of the PEOPLE of Goa.


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