GoaChronicle.com ‘LEAKS’: The PAC Report – Part 2

GoaChronicle.com brings to you the second part of the PAC Report ‘LEAKS’. You will see how the government officials and some mining companies have circumvented guidelines to indulge in large scale illegal mining…

PAC report was not allowed to be tabled on reasons as flimsy as not having enough members of the group of seven in the PAC committee. It was even turned into a political tirade by the Congress-led government. The facts in these documents show the reasons why the Goa government was not keen in having this report tabled as it does open up a can worms to many of the ministers who are involved in illegal mining and also throws serious questions on the government officials working in the Directorate of Mines.

In some instances you will even notice that the illegal mining scam has not been patronized by the politicians in Goa alone; even the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has also deliberately turned a blind-eye to the illegalities.

Our purpose of leaking out the PAC Report has been to bring out the truth to illegal mining in Goa because it is important for the people of Goa to know the truth behind the illegal mining scam. All the documents in the PAC report have been procured for the Goa government departments and MoEF.

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