GoaChronicle.com ‘LEAKS’: The PAC Report – Part 3

In the third part of the PAC Report we put up more documents that expose the extent of illegal mining in Goa. This is the final set of documents of the PAC Report which was not tabled in the Goa Legislative assembly.

While the PAC Report has not been made public by the government as it is being considered to be titled towards showing the Congress-led government in bad light. One cannot dispute the fact that illegal mining has been going on in the state.

The government can hide behind guidelines and loopholes to suppress the report, we at GoaChronicle.com think that it is important for the people of Goa to know the truth.

The PAC report is certainly just a tip of the iceberg to the extent of the illegal mining in the state, it does not directly name any politician, but it certainly infers that there does exists a nexus between politicians in the growth of illegal mining in the state.

In our previous expose, we estimated that in the Sanguem and Sattari Taluka alone illegal mining done could be estimated at over Rs 6100 crores.
GoaChronicle.com stance on the issue has been firm and to the point. Mining is an economic activity; but if it is allowed to go unnoticed with no clear measures of checks and balances, we will end in situation where in the people and the state do not benefit but a few mining companies and contractors and of course politicians benefit. While the loss of revenue to the government exchequer is just one-side to the story, we also need to look at the environmental impact and health impact it has on the people in those villages where illegal mining is rampant. The depleting water resources on account of illegal mining are also a worrying factor.

The PAC Report may officially not see the light of day, as long as the government is in place. And many are hoping that Shah Commission report will help address the issue of illegal mining more appropriately and some corrective action put in place.

As GoaChronicle.com we have petitioned the government authorities to initiate a CBI probe into the illegal mining in the state.

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