GoaChronicle.com LEAKS: Union Minister Mines Say 507 cases illegal mining activities, CM says 15

The Minister for State (Independent Charge) for Mines Dinsha Patel when asked a question in the Lok Sabha Session on illegal mining in different states in India, highlights 507 cases of illegal mining activity in Goa since 2006. Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in the Legislative Assembly held in March when questioned states that there are fifteen cases of illegal mining. GoaChronicle.com LEAKS these contradictory documents…

In the Lok Sabha, the Minister for State (Independent Charge) for Mines Dinsha Patel in an unstarred question No 1029 on illegal mining which was answered on August 5, 2011 states;
“Some instances of illegal mining of minerals have come to the notice of the Government in various parts of the country including Madhya Pradesh. The details of number of cases detected since 2006 till March, 2011 and action taken by concerned State Governments are also given.
Since State Governments are the owners of minerals, entire royalty revenue accrues to the State Government, and for this reason there is no revenue loss to the Union Government directly due to illegal mining.”
On Goa here is a brief on the details.


Since 2006, there have been 507 cases of illegal mining in the state as shown by the Centre records. However it is important to note that not a single FIR has been lodged up to March 2011 and not a single case has been filed either by the Centre or State in the issue of illegal mining that have been detected.

Goa CM statements on illegal mining
Chief Minister of Goa and Minister of Mines, Digambar Kamat was asked an unstarred question LAQ No 38 during the March Legislative Assembly session, he comments with documents saying that there are only 15 cases of illegal mining activity in the state since 2007, which have been detected, whose estimated worth is just Rs 2, 03, 47,680 only 1,95,395 tons. And it shows only two cases registered in JMFC in 2010.
 Considering that GoaChronicle.com investigations from government documents itself and also the PAC report documents which we have made public shows that the total quantum of illegal mining since 2008 is over 15 million tons worth over Rs 6100 crore in Sanguem and Sattari taluka alone, which has seem the most rampant illegal mining activities.
Most mining companies have been indulging in illegal mining activity by virtue of them not procuring their Environmental Clearances and mining beyond the capacity of the Environmental Quantity Capping. Yet the Chief Minister of Goa fails to consider the activities of Sesa Goa, Dempos, Timblos, Chowgule and many other mining companies as illegal when GoaChronicle.com has exposed their gross violations through government documents itself. It proves yet again that the Chief Minister continues to lie on the illegal mining issue. Even the Union Minister for Mines Dinsha Patel has defended Chief Minister Digambar Kamat saying that the Goa government is not involved in illegal mining. Then how does he explain that the Union Ministry detects 507 cases of illegal mining and Goa government 15 cases, is the Union Minister also forgetting the illegal mining without EC clearances and above environmental quantity capping.

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