Current Affairs Warning: Dog mauls 3yr old in Vasco in its expose ‘Save Animals, Endanger Humans’, highlighted the issue of stray dog menace in Goa and across India, in lieu of the fact that the new Animal Welfare Act 2011 does not address such a crucial issue.
Savita Lamani, a two-and-a-half year old girl residing at MPT Colony, Headland, Sada was mauled by stray dogs when she was playing outside her building on Monday.
She was initially attacked by one dog and soon thereafter three other stray dogs pounced on her and dragged the child nearly 50 meters away before she was saved by a neighbor who rushed to her rescue.

The child sustained several bite injuries on different parts of her body. She was initially rushed to Chicalim Cottage Hospital from where she was referred to Goa Medical College where she is currently under treatment.
Incidentally, this is the eighth such dog attack in the MPT colony and residents are getting restive over the fact that despite several complaints, no action is taken by the authorities.
One of the factors for the growing canine population in the area is the garbage treatment plant nearby. In fact the number of stray dogs has risen so much that people are now scared to even go to the garbage treatment plant after sunset.
According to some, the dog population around the garbage treatment plant and MPT colony is over 150.

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