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Goan Attacked in Australia, Undergoes Surgery

In yet another attack on Indian, a 12-year old Goan boy was brutally assaulted by 8-year old students of the same school they are studying in resulting in the Goan boy suffering serious injuries for which he had to undergo surgery.
During lunchtime at Carwatha College in Noble Park, Melbourne, the two assailants came behind the Goan boy and began pulling him and when one of them punched him in the eye. The Goan boy was rushed to a hospital where a titanium plate had to be inserted under his eye.

The boy’s family is traumatised with the incident and is now considering returning to Goa. Though they termed it a racist attack, the school management opined contrary.
Principal of the school Bronwyn Hamilton while assuring that action will be taken against the assailants revealed that the two are already suspended and expulsion proceedings against them are underway.

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