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Goan Murdered By Goan In London

Raymond Pereira, a 40 year old Goan hailing from Goa Velha was brutally murdered by a fellow Goan and a colleague at the workplace in London Edino Carvalho sending the Goan community into a shock as this is the first incident of its kind.

Raymond had moved to England about a year back and become extremely popular given his pleasant disposition and diligent work habits. He was liked by most of his colleagues at Wincanton a company that distributes clothes and other accessories to Marks and Spencer.

Edino Carvalho, hailing from St. Cruz was working at the same company and under Raymond and the two had an altercation in the office a few months back and apparently harbored a grudge against Raymond.

On Friday night Raymond left his house at Swindon to walk to the bus stop to board the company bus to report for the night shift. As he was walking to the bus stop he saw Edino along with two other persons approaching him and seeing a knife in Edino’s hand, he ran back to his house.

However, Edino caught up with him and stabbed him in the back and finally slit his throat. Even as one of Edino’s partner rushed to inform Raymond’s wife about the incident, Raymond died in a pool of blood on the street outside his house.

Raymond is survived by his wife Susan and a five-year-old son Samuel.

The Goan community which is in large number in Swindon is shocked with the incident and demanded stringent action against Edino who is now said to be of a criminal mind having quite a number of cases booked against him by Goa Police.

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