Goans Lack Entrepreurship: Expert

According to Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, Director of Ahmedabad based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), Goans lack entrepreneurship mindset and that is the reason they hanker for a job instead of launching their own ventures.
He said given a choice, most Goans opt for a job rather than setting up their own business and that is the cause for rising unemployment as neither the government nor the private companies can generate that many jobs.
He opined that 2,000 Goans setting up their own business could create around 50,000 jobs.

He pointed out that in present times, with judicious decisions and careful investment, no business can really fail and pointed out that the economic policies of the government and the changed banking system provides the right atmosphere for starting one’s own business.
EDI, an autonomous institute was set up in 1983 by apex financial institutions like IDBI, ICICI, IFCI and SBI. The institute has till date set up 14 centers across India right from Jammu and Kashmir to Chennai.
Besides, it has also set up centers in foreign countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and is presently working on establishing centers at Uzbekistan and Kazakhistan.

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