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Goans Opting For Nuclear Families

With an increase of 60,000 households in Goa in the last 10 years, Census officials opined that Goans are opting for nuclear families and the population of the State that had recorded a 15 per cent increase in 2001 is bound to swing higher.
At the end of the first phase of 2011 census operations, the total number of households in Goa has touched 3.51 lakh which is 60,000 households more. However, how many of these houses are second homes of people living elsewhere has not been ascertained as that is not within the mandate of the census operations.

Going by this increase in number of households, Director of Census Operations in Goa, A K Wasnik opined that Goans are opting for nuclear families and pointed out that even within one bungalow there are many nuclear families living separately.
In the first phase of census operations, buildings, census houses and households along with amenities available in the houses were identified.

The second phase of the census operation wherein the actual number of people living in the houses will be identified will commence on 9th February and last till 28th February. As per the last census held in2001, Goa’s population was 13,47,668 which was 15.21 per cent more than 1991 census.
The final data of the census operation will be made public in a year or two, said Wasnik.


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