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Goans Pay Rs. 4 Lakh for IGP’s Son’s Fun

Judicial activist, Aires Rodrigues exposed the double standards of the Goa Police that has penalized a driver while not taking any action against the Inspector General of Police K D Singh and instead making the citizens pay for the damages caused by the IGP’s son to government property.
Making public information he got under the Right to Information Act, Aires revealed that IGP was not asked to pay for the damage caused to his official car when it met with an accident late night while being driven unauthorized by his son Sidharth on 4th December 2009.

As a result of this decision, the tax payer had to bear the burden of Rs 4,33,200 that was spent to repair the Toyota Innova (GA-07-G-0063) the official vehicle of the IGP.
Interestingly, replying to query raised by the Under Secretary on 16th June 2010 about how the car keys came into the possession of the IGP’s son without the knowledge of the driver, the Director General of Police replied that the driver had parked the vehicle at the IGP’s residence and kept the keys there in case the vehicle was required for any exigency in the night.
Interestingly, while the IGP has not been asked to pay for the damages even though his son was driving the official vehicle without authority, one Vinod Malvankar working as a driver for the Goa Police is being penalized by deduction of his salary.
The van driven by Vinod in his official capacity as the driver and while on official duty met with an accident on 27th August 2003 and towards the money spent on its repairs, till date, a sum of Rs 1,833 is being deducted from his salary every month. This even though the courts ruling that Vinod was not driving the vehicle in a rash and negligent manner!
It would be pertinent to note that the Prosecution Department had also asked that IGP’s son should not be charged for rash and negligent driving and hence no case was filed against him.
What is apparent is that the Police have one yardstick for its senior officers and another for the lower ranked staff!

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