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Goans Upset Over Fuel Price Rise

With the hike in petrol prices at Rs 3.40 per litre, there are protests from all over the State. finds out what some of the Goans feel…

Sudip Tamankar, President, All Goa Private Bus Owners’ Association

The hike in petrol prices clearly shows that the Centre in incapable of handling public issues. The government has no control on the administration.

When the centre and the State say that is the government of Aam aadmi, it is actually possible for the government to give some relief to the public on price hike.

Our country is not a poor country. If all the money of corrupt politicians which is lying in Swiss bank is brought back to India, the question of hiking prices of commodities will not arise.

Surendra Sirsat, Chief of Nationalist Congress Party, Goa

Two wheelers and four wheelers are no more a luxury, but instead they have become a necessity. With the increase in fuel prices, the prices of all other commodities will rise.

And with the increase in the prices of basic commodities, it will be tough for the common man especially those working in small firms to survive.

It is necessary that the government initiates some steps to control this price hike.

Laxmikant Parsekar, Head of Bharatiya Janata Party, Goa Unit

Fuel prices have gone up drastically and there is no way out for the common man. And by hiking prices of petrol, the government has added fuel to the fire.

If one sees the condition prevalent in the society, there is an increase in the prices of one or the other commodity everyday. It is not that the prices of the commodities will not increase, but there has to be some control. So there is no other alternative than changing the government.

Manguirish Pai Raiker, President, Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Increase in petrol prices or for that matter any commodity will cause heartburns to an individual especially the common man because it causes imbalance in his monthly accounting.

We expect that the government takes measures in rationalizing the prices of these necessary commodities.

Sanjay Nayak, Accountant, Bank of Baroda

With rising inflation, one shouldn’t be surprised if the prices of petrol increase to Rs 100 per litre. It is high time the government initiate steps to control inflation.

Priya Kamat, Software Engineer

With this price rise, it seems like after some days instead of travelling by two-wheelers, we will have to travel by bullock carts. It is time that we decide about our future and change the government.

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