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Goans Upset Over Petrol Price Rise

With the increase in petrol prices at Rs. 5 from 14th May midnight, there were protests in the State from all fronts especially the common man. Let us see what some of the Goans have to say on this price rise.

Damodar Naik, Spokesperson, Bharatiya Janata Party
BJP condemns the ridiculous act of the Congress Government of hiking petrol prices by Rs 5 per litre. The so called aam admi is being totally looted by the UPA government.
In Goa as per the economic survey November 2010, 5,25,912 motorcycles and scooters ply on the roads, 14,442 motorcycles are given on hire , 1,44,517 are private cars and jeeps, out of which 80 per cent run on petrol.

6,88,614 pliers are directly affected by this increase.  It’s high time common man comes out and condemn this act done by the Congress which has been done purposely after the declaration of results in the five states.
This shows the wickedness of the government to garner votes of aam admi and later make them jam admi.
This government which is involved scams worth crores is doing nothing to get back the black money kept in Swiss bank and instead looting aam admi’s pocket.
BJP Goa Pradesh condemns this hike and appeals to the government t to revert the decision.

Biren Naik, Businessman
With the prices of these basic commodities increasing, the common man’s salary will get over in the first week of the month itself and with these conditions; he will not be able to live with one job but will have to take up some part time jobs to support his family.
The government should justify this action of price rise and if the Opposition is not satisfied, they should assure the citizens that they will reduce the prices if they come to power.

Gauri Manerkar, Clerk
It’s high time we change the government which is hiking the price of basic commodities.

Suresh Lotlikar, Banker
What the main problem today is that the government taxes are very high. The government should reduce taxes and import duties and relieve the common man.

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