Goa’s Laughing Stock!

Advocate General Atmaram Nadkarni last night flew back to Goa from Kochi via Bombay.

Having been the legal messiah for the mining lords has he now chosen not to officially show his face at the Supreme Court but to operate behind the scenes?

Atmaram Nadkarni who is India’s highest paid Advocate General is currently being paid by the Goa Government up to eight lakhs a month which is five times the salary of the President of India. Besides the flamboyant Advocate General further pockets Rs 75,000 per day on his every visit to Delhi. On all the other incomings less said the better.

What he does in Delhi should now be a matter of great concern after this week’s fiasco when he told the High Court that he was going for the Mining case in the Supreme Court but landed up down South at Kochi in Kerala.

Why is Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar silently watching this nonsense? Does Atmaram Nadkarni know too many secrets of Mr. Parrikar that he has no option but to make the State suffer too, for his follies? Time to weep, Mr. Chief Minister. Goa is bleeding. God save our Goa and the State treasury which is bankrupt thanks to such white elephants whose greed knows no bounds.

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