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Goa’s ‘Moti Dongor’ makes its Hollywood Debut

Known for its notoriety and gang-wars, Goa’s most famous slum area ‘Moti Dongor’ is going to make its Hollywood Debut in the currently under production William Riead movie ‘The Letters’ – a biopic on Mother Theresa.

The production team has been shooting at the Moti Dongor slums this week. Sources have told that the depiction of a slum area was necessary for this movie on the early life of Mother Theresa and the production house felt that the Moti Dongor suited their requirement to portray a slum area as it seemed in Kolkata in the early days of Mother Theresa missionary work.

In ‘The Letters’ we will also be seeing the debut of a Goan actor Meenacshi Martins in a pivotal role of Veronica Gomes a lady who first introduced Mother Theresa to the pathetic plight of the slums in Kolkata.

The production company A Riead Productions has been extremely tight lipped about their schedule and script to the movie; as the entire team is under a Confidentiality Agreement and is not allowed to talk to the media.


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