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Godinho Criticizes Govt On Special Status

Deputy Speaker and Cortalim MLA Mauvin Godinho on Wednesday said that the government was not very keen on the peoples’ demand to accord Special Status to Goa during the ongoing winter session of the state assembly.
He said that while the central government is going out of its way for Goa’s betterment, the state government doesn’t seem to be interested in getting projects sanctioned for Goa pointing out that central government has gone out of its way to help the people whose houses would have been demolished due to the expansion of national highways.
Referring to the Special Status for Goa issue, Godinho said that leaders in the past have failed to fulfill this demand of the people. He said: “When I say special status I mean about protecting Goa’s identity” and added that problems which arise due to migrants like illegal constructions and rise in the crime rate will reduce if Goa gets Special Status. Even though the central government has been supportive, state government has not done much in this regard.

He said the centre has sanctioned a package of Rs 200 crore for the state of Goa and lamented that Goa should have got much more than this.
Despite being a tourist state, he said, Goa’s has failed on its additional infrastructure front.
Godinho also demanded some kind of tax be collected from trucks carrying ore from neighbouring states as they are an additional burden on the state’s infrastructure. “This tax can be utilized for maintaining infrastructure”’ he said.

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