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Godinho not being considered for GPCC or CLP top-post

Contrary to the news report doing the rounds over the re-shuffle of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) in the state, Mauvin Godinho – a former blue-eyed boy of the Gandhi family on Goa affairs is not being considered for either the GPCC President post nor the CLP Leaders post. This was revealed to by senior All India Congress Committee (AICC) officials at the Centre.

Both the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi have in a recent meeting on Goa opined – when the discussion of Godinho was raised to be considered – that according to reports from party intelligence units in the state, it has been learnt that Godinho has been working indirectly against the overall growth of the Congress party driven by his own personal interests which appear to be more align with the interest of the ruling BJP. Even the Cortalim by-poll fiasco in which Congress candidate Raymond D’Sa withdrew his nomination at the last minute citing failure on Godinho to work with the candidate to secure the seat for the party, which eventually went to BJP leader Alina Saldanha, is seen as another strong negative tilting against Godinho.

Reported stories on the probable change of the CLP or Opposition Leader Pratapsingh Rane also appear to be concocted stories, since AICC official have categorically stated that a senior and respected leader such as Pratapsingh Rane will not and must not be changed. Over the last couple weeks reports from certain local Congress leaders with vested interest in replacing Rane was sent to AICC President citing Rane’s ill-health as a need to ease his burden as CLP leader. However, as checked out Rane is in the pink of health.

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