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Goodbye Sridevi! You gave India a Sadma

Sridevi was a good actress of her time.

Not one of my favourite Bollywood actress because by the time I understood the power of the Bollywood goddess, it was the era of Madhuri Dixit. But she floored me with her performance in Sadma, Nagina, Lamhe and Khuda Gawah.

Her comeback to Bollywood with a brilliant movie – English Vinglish – showcased her true acting talent that she had exhibited earlier on in her career – such as the brilliant performance in Sadma.

The news of the death of course came as a shock because a few months ago my wife and I were discussing her latest movie ‘Mom’ which featured Pakistani actors. I refused to watch the movie out of protest because of the acts of Pakistan against our soldiers on the borders. My wife went along with her girl gang and came back raving about Sridevi’s performance but felt the movie lacked debt in story and direction.

There is no doubt that she was and will always be a heartthrob for many Indians all over the world. She did possess a spark that drew people to her. Her death is a loss to the Indian film industry because she was bringing back the layered and matured performances to her roles that we have not seen from many other actors of her age. Some have just bowed out of the movie business and joined the political business like Jaya Pradha.

The news about her having a cardiac arrests now happens to be incorrect.

Sources in the media in UAE told GoaChronicle.com that Dubai Police have released the forensic report on Sridevi’s death to her family and the Indian Consulate representative.

Traces of alcohol found in Sridevi’s body and that she died of accidental drowning, according to the forensic report released by the Dubai Police Forensic Department.

Post the party (where she reportedly consumed alcohol), she retired to her hotel room. In the room, she was to get into the bathtub but accidental fell into the bathtub and was not able to control her body movements in the water, due to her alcoholic state and succumbed to the struggle; eventually she died due to accidental drowning.

It is a tragic way to end for a star who shone so bright in the Bollywood sky. One wishes, she could have fought the alcohol and the water, like she thrashed countless villains in the movies in which she acted. But it was not to be.

Om Shanti Om Sridevi. May your legacy live on.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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